Hey Guys!  So for my first post I thought I would share with you an outfit of the day.  This outfit is actually from last week, but it has been an extremely long process getting this blog up and running, which is why I am sharing it with you today.

I am so excited that the weather is finally warm enough to wear skirts and dresses… I always get so happy when I can walk outside wearing a skirt, and not feel like I’m about to get hypothermia, it’s the little things in life…

Anyways, on to the outfit… On this particular day I decided to wear a high-waisted  circle skirt with crocheted detailing on it.  I got this as a gift a couple of years ago, so I am not exactly sure where it is from, but there is a good chance it is from KOHL’S.  My mom is literally obsessed with that store (aren’t they all?).  I paired my skirt with a black tee shirt with an open back that I purchased at DELIA*S , and a scalloped necklace I got from a craft fair.  As for shoes I went with my go-to black and silver studded gladiators I also purchased from KOHL’S (they literally go with everything).


OOTD #1 statement necklaceOOTD #1 circle skirtOOTD #1 statement necklaceOOTD #1 back detailing OOTD #1 back detailing

Even though I love the shoes, my favorite part about this outfit is definitely my necklace (which I surprisingly hadn’t worn in a long time).  This spring and (almost!) summer, I have been obsessed with statement necklaces.  I feel like they are amazing at completing an otherwise boring outfit, and you can have so much fun with them!  I have also been loving comfy skirts… that’s another thing that’s great about warm weather… no more jeans!  Am I the only one who finds jeans uncomfortable?  Let me know in the comments.


What are your favorite clothing items for spring/summer?

Are you guys excited about the rising temperatures?





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