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It’s time for another outfit of the day!  The outfit I am sharing with you today  is the outfit I wore to a family barbecue on Memorial Day.  I had just gone shopping the Saturday before Memorial Day, and I was super excited to wear some of the pieces I bought.  However, I didn’t really take into consideration how hot it would be outside… Oh, the things we do for fashion… at least I could take off my boots…

I’ve decided that mother nature hated me on Memorial day, because although it was extremely hot outside, there still managed to be a huge breeze going while I was taking pictures.  I was also pressed for time, so there wasn’t a lot of time to retake them; thus the windblown effect…

As for my outfit, my top is from Francesca’s, the jeans are from Delias,  and the boots are from Charlotte Russe.  I am not the biggest fan of Charlotte Russe’s clothing, but their shoes get me every time…  Also, for all of you Delias fans out there, they are coming back as an online only retailer starting this Fall.  My dad just found out at work, and I had been hearing some rumors, but now it’s officially happening.  I am not a big online shopper, but online is better than nothing!



 OOTD #3




 Lately, I have been really drawn to shirts and dresses with a bare shoulder, so you may be seeing more of them in the future.  I also have been loving flowly shirts, but that isn’t anything new.  I hardly ever wear tightly fitted shirts, as I always feel they are uncomfortable…  It takes some serious will-power on my part to wear a tight shirt, and even then I immediately change once I get home.  Does anyone else do that?  I feel like I have two completely different wardrobes… one for in public, and the other for staying at home… and maybe a CVS run.

What are your favorite summer pieces?

Do you ever feel like you have two different wardrobes?



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