Top 5 Beauty Essentials

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So today I am going to be sharing my top 5 beauty essentials with you.  Its funny because if I am being perfectly honest , I am not very good at applying makeup.  Someday I would love to get more into it, but as of right now, I continue to gawk at other girl’s perfectly winged eyeliner, while my makeup routine consist of basically three things: mascara, lip gloss and cover up.

However, although I do not often wear a full face of makeup, there are several products I use on a daily basis, most of which I reapply throughout the day.  Lets get started!

#1 Mascara


If I could only wear one makeup product for the rest of my life, it would hands-down be mascara.  I have naturally thicker lashes, but wearing mascara amplifies them even more.  When I apply my makeup, I spend a good couple of minutes just applying mascara, and use several brands at a time.  I rarely leave the house without wearing it;  and there have been times when I forgot to wear it, and have gone out and bought a new tube… it happens…

#2 Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly


This one may seem a bit strange, but honestly, Vaseline has been a lifesaver for me… it has so many uses!  Everyday, before I go to bed and when I wake up, I put it on my lips and knuckles to keep them from getting dry and cracked.  Also, before I go to bed I put it on my lash-line… yes, I put Vaseline on my eyelashes… don’t judge me.  The purpose of doing this is to keep them strong, long, and healthy.  I heard about this tip a few years ago, and have been doing it ever since.  Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly also works well as an inexpensive makeup remover.

#3 Moisturizer



My face get dry pretty easily, so moisturizer is essential for me.  I use it whenever I get out of the shower, or finish washing my face, because that’s when it feels the most dry.  For my new year’s resolution, I decided to start using moisturizer more often, and it has made a world of difference.  My skin feels so much softer and smoother;  not to mention, I am not breaking out nearly as much.

#4 Dry Shampoo

batiste dry shampoo

This is another product I use on a regular basis.  Whenever I am looking for some extra volume, or my hair is feeling a tad greasy, I spray in some dry shampoo… it works like a charm.  My favorite brand so far is Batiste because it actually smells good.  A lot of dry shampoos smell like pure chemicals; however Batiste comes in several different scents, such as original, blush, fresh, tropical, cherry, wild, and floral essences.  I have yet to try them all (I am pretty keen on fruity scents), but I am sure they all smell just as good!

#5 Cover-up

Neutrogena skin clearing blemish concealer

The last product I cannot live without is cover-up/concealer.  I use this almost everyday to cover up my imperfections.  I don’t often use foundation or tinted moisturizer, but I go through cover-up like there is no tomorrow.  My absolute favorite product is Neutrogena SkinClearing Blemish Concealer.  I have been using this product for as long as I can remember, and I have nothing but good things to report.  It comes in a variety of shades, and not only does it cover up my imperfections, but it helps heal my blemishes as well!

And that’s it!

Let me know in the comments what your favorite beauty products are!




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My favorite moisturizer is clinique youth surge it is amazing it has made my face very smooth I have dry skin


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