Haul # 1

Hey guys!

So if you read my last post, you might know that I recently went shopping.  My good friend just got back from school, and suggested we go to the mall together.  Now I am not one to pass up shopping, and although I was trying to cut back on spending, I just couldn’t say no!  It’s strange because whenever I decide I am not spending any more money, I end up spending more.

I feel like that is a reoccurring pattern with me.  I make an effort to wake up early, and I sleep in late;  I try to focus on my studies, and YouTube becomes my best friend; I decided to go to the gym, and suddenly I’m the laziest person alive… Please don’t tell me I’m alone on this one…

Anyways, on to what I bought!  I am not going to show you everything I purchased,  (because some of them are gifts) but I will show you the majority.

The first shirt I bought was an off the shoulder top from Francesca’s.  It is a really light  material for summer, and has a nice billowy effect which I love.  My favorite part, however, is the off the shoulder detailing.  I am seriously loving that look for summer, and really want to get an off the shoulder dress as well.  If you want to see how I paired it, check out my OOTD #3.


Off the shoulder top

I also purchased an oversized tee-shirt from Francesca’s that reads “Happy Girls are the Prettiest.”  I have been eying up this shirt for a while, and finally decided to cave and get it.  The saying is so cute, and very true!  I went with a medium because I want to wear it as a cover up, or as a tee-shirt dress with leggings.  I can’t wear normal tee-shirt dresses because they tend to swallow my small frame.  I end up looking like I went into my dad’s closet and picked out the biggest shirt I could find… not cute my friends…
Happy girls are the prettiest

American Eagle was having a BOGO 50% sale that applied to everything in the store.  I hadn’t been in there in what felt like forever, and I forgot how cute everything was!  I decided on two pairs of shorts, both the same style, and both very light and airy for the summer (can you tell I’m excited for warm weather?).


American Eagle high waisted shorts

American Eagle high waisted shorts

Following American Eagle, our next stop had to be Arie since it was right there.  I ended up buying a pair of high-waisted bathing suit bottoms that I am in-love with (they are much brighter in person).  When I saw that high-waisted bikinis were in for this summer, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one, and these bottoms fit me perfectly!


high waisted bikini bottoms


My last couple purchases were from Forever 21.  This is another store I can’t get out of without spending money in.  I purchased a simple denim shirt along with a black and white striped crop top.  I am really excited to wear both of these, the denim shirt will look great with a chunky statement necklace, and I think the crop top would pair perfectly with a long high-waisted skirt.


sleevless denim button up


striped crop top


And that’s it for my haul, I hope you guys enjoyed!  Now that I’ve gotten my “summer shopping” out of the way, I am going to really try to cut back on spending… lets see how long that lasts… probably not very long…


Let me know in the comments:

Are you a saver or a spender?

What are your favorite summer pieces?





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You asked if I am a saver or spender I would say I’m a saver when I know I don’t have extra money for clothes I avoid the stores that I no I would buy from out of sight out of mind


That’s a good habit to get into… I need to start trying that!


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