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I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  Today I am going to be sharing yet another OOTD.  On Saturday night, my sister and I went to Panera Bread (yumm!), and then saw Poltergeist in 3-D.  We both went into the movie with extremely low expectations, but it ended up being quite enjoyable!  Much better than expected…  It was more or less the same plot-line as the original, but it still managed to keep my attention, and there were a couple good jump scares as well.

Since the weather has been really humid lately, I decided to wear shorts and a sheer top.  You may recognize the shorts from my last post; but if not, I recently got them from American Eagle.  The top is from Ross, and the earrings are from Francesca’s.  I love shopping at places like Ross, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx because you can find such cute pieces for really affordable prices.  However, a lot of times, those types of stores are a hit or a miss.  I will either have to limit my spending because I love everything, or I can’t find anything even somewhat appealing.  I guess that’s just the way the cookie crumbles…



I love this outfit because it is summery without being too revealing.  I almost always try and pair shorter shorts with a long-sleeved top or cardigan.  Not only does it make me feel more covered up, but it adds interest to an outfit, and helps keep the proportions in check.  I also love how light and comfortable this outfit is.  Lately, I’ve been all about comfort.  I’ve been swapping out my jeans for flowy shorts, maxi skirts, sundresses, and rompers.  It’s funny because I never used to mind jeans until this past year or so… now I can’t wait to get them off!

What are your go-to’s for summer?




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