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Hey Everyone!

I feel like I haven’t posted in forever!  Lately, I have been really busy with work, vacations, and online classes… hence the lack of postage!  I have hardly had time to sleep, let alone work on my blog… However I am going to step up my game, and try to make posts more of a priority!

So recently I have been eying up a lot of jewelry…  that isn’t too out of the ordinary, considering I may have a small addiction to earrings… there could be worse things…

However, I know that buying everything that jumps out at me is probably not the best idea… that is why I have decided to create a collage of pieces I have been loving.  My hope is that by doing this, I may be satisfied enough to not buy everything I like.  Sometimes just sharing the looks you love is enough, hence why Pinterest is so popular.  Also, if anyone needs any birthday gift ideas… you know where to start;)

Lets get straight into it… eye candy anyone?

1- Haycinth Layered Necklace- Francesca’s

2- Beaded Chain Arm Band- Forever 21

3- Sunburst Collar Statement Necklace- Francesca’s

4- With Love from CA Multi Row Foot Chain- Pacsun

5- Pearl Earcuff- Zara

6- Medallion Fringe Beaded Anklet- Forever 21


Let me know in the comments:

Which pieces (if any) are your favorites?

What is your favorite type of jewelry?





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