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It is that time of year again.  School has been out for a while, the sun is definitely out, and cooling off is essential.  So how does one cool off in the blistering heat of summer?  Two options… you can either sit around in an airtight house with the air-conditioning blasting, or you can find a body of water to swim in.  I personally choose the latter.

To me there is nothing better than relaxing by the pool, or spending the day swimming in the ocean… I know, how cliché am I?  I guess not that cliché considering our AC keeps breaking down which pretty much rules out the first option…  Anyways, whether your heading off to the local pool, driving down to your family lakehouse, or are spending the day at the beach, chances are your beachbag is coming with you.  I remember when me, my two sisters, and brother would beg our mom to take us swimming at the community pool.  She would always bring a huge green and pink watermelon beach bag  big enough to fit at least me and my two sisters…

Now when I head out into  the summer heat, I don’t rely on my mom’s beach bag; however, I still find it necessary to bring along some essentials- many of which haven’t changed much… Lets get into it!

Essential #1- Sunscreen

I cannot express enough how important sunscreen is.  Even if you don’t bring it with you, at the very least put it on before you leave.  I will admit that I used to be the type of person who put sunscreen on simply to make my mom happy, and I would often “forget” to reapply throughout the day.  However, I have learned the hard way that skipping this step leaves me burnt to a crisp… not to mention the potential for skin cancer.  Oh, and you can still get tan while wearing sunscreen, the same way you can still get burnt while wearing sunscreen… the sun doesn’t go away, the rays are just less harmful.



Essential #2- Sunglasses

Sunglasses are another obvious essential, yet at the same time they are so easily forgettable.  For me, sunglasses are the type of thing that I completely overlook until I am squinting at my book trying to read despite the blazing sun.  However, I recommend bringing an inexpensive pair, as they can easily get lost and broken.  Also, don’t swim with your sunglasses on… I am always amazed that despite the crashing waves, people still wear their sunglasses in the ocean.  I am also amazed at how many sunglasses get washed up to shore.  I think I need to start a running count…



Essential #3- Waterproof Mascara/Makeup Wipes

In all honesty, if I know I will be swimming, I tend to skip the makeup step altogether.  However, there are times that I have been wearing makeup from earlier in the day, and being too lazy to take it off, I end up with the raccoon eye effect.  This is where waterproof makeup comes in handy.  Although some waterproof mascaras still come off in water, I have found that Maybeline Rocket Volum’ Express does a great job at keeping my makeup in place.  In fact, I often have a hard time getting it off before I go to bed.  Also, it may be a good idea to bring makeup wipes, just in case your makeup does begin to melt in the water/humidity.


Essential #4- Towel

Again, an extremely obvious one, yet I have forgotten a towel many times before, and let me tell you… walking into an air-conditioned house while still being dripping wet is not fun… like at all… it may also be helpful to have a change of clothes with you in case you plan on going out afterwards.



Essential #5- SPF Chapstick

For some reason, my lips tend to constantly be dry, and it gets even worse in the summer.  At home I am constantly putting chap stick or Vaseline on my lips, but when I am outside I need something with a bit more protection.  I often go for banana Boat, but I am sure there are many other great brands out there.  I recently found one that resembles Eos at my local CVS, and I am really excited to try it out!


Essential #6- Snacks/Water Bottles

Swimming always brings out my appetite, so snacks are another beach bag essential.  Just be carful with things that have a chocolate coating, as they will easily melt.  I also carry a water bottle around with me pretty much everywhere I go, and it is absolutely essential to have one while spending the day lounging around in the hot sun.  My sister keeps nagging me to use a refillable water bottle, and I guess I probably should considering I go through plastic ones like it’s my job… Another thing you may need is an insulated lunch bag or small cooler so your drinks stay cool.



Essential #7- Money

Like my dad always says “nothing in life is free,” and as sad as it is, it is, nowadays everything seems to have a price.  Whether you are paying for parking, something you forgot at home, dinner, or a tee-shirt on the boardwalk, chances are, money will come in handy.  Just make sure not to bring too much money, or hide it in a place nobody will check.



Essential #8- Books/Magazines

I have been trying to read more this summer, and although it is sometimes hard with a busy schedule, the beach or pool is often a great place to start.  Every once in a while it is nice to just unwind, and escape to another reality for a bit.  I usually try and go with an easy read since I don’t like actively trying to figure out what I just read…  That’s why magazines are another great choice for the beach.  They are easy to get through, and I have an embarrassingly large amount of them stashed in the corner of my room… like dating back to sixth grade… I might want to go through them sometime soon…




And that’s it for today!  There are certainly many other things you can bring along, but I didn’t want this post to get too long so I will stop it at that!

Let me know in the comments:

What are your beach bag essentials?

What is your favorite way to cool off?




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Julie @ Artwork by JM

I always forget to bring the makeup remover wipes! I end up with makeup running down my face halfway thru the day. LOL! And YES to everything on this list


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