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Hey Everyone!

I hope you guys are all having an amazing weekend!  I just recently celebrated my nineteenth birthday… Where does time go?  But seriously, where does it go?  I still can’t wrap my head around turning twenty next year… I think I will just stay nineteen forever… sounds like a plan to me.

I actually ended up working on my birthday, but after my shift, my family and I were able to head out for a nice dinner at one of my new favorite restaurants.  After dinner we headed home for cake and presents.  I wasn’t expecting much for this birthday since I knew I was getting a laptop; however, I was pleasantly surprised at all the thoughtful gifts I received.  Not all of the gifts I received were beauty/fashion related, but I decided to share them with you all anyways (feel free to skip this post if you want)… lets get into it!

Justin’s Almond Butter

Oh almond butter, why must you be so expensive, yet taste so good?  Normally, I don’t mind splurging a bit (cough, cough, shopping addiction, cough, cough); However, almond butter is something I can never seem to justify spending so much money on, especially when peanut butter is half the cost.  I will occasionally buy single serve packets of almond butter, but that is really all I can manage.  So it comes as not surprise that I practically started jumping up and down when I opened this up… too excited? Maybe… I’ll leave that up to you…




Avocado Slicer

My youngest sister bought me this because I mean… avocados… need I say more?  Now I just need to get one of those avocado savers…



Body Pillow

This was another gift I got extremely excited about.  Last time we were on vacation, our beach house had a body pillow that me and my two sisters were fighting over for the entire week.  Apparently my mom remembered this, and went to almost ten different stores looking for a  similar pillow until she found this one.  The cool thing about this pillow is that you can switch out the cover depending on the seasons.  Plus it is super soft.





Matching Necklace and Ring

I admit that I actually knew I was getting this before I got it… and not because I picked it out.  I was looking through my mom’s pictures on her phone, and happened to come across a photograph of this necklace and ring.  I asked my mom what this picture was, and she quickly responded with a “nothing, why are you looking on my phone???”  And we all know what that means… at least I like the necklace!




Lace-up Heels

This was another gift I knew I was getting… the difference is that I told my mom to get these for me.  I first saw  them when I was at work,  and while my boss was putting them out she said to me “Angela, I think you really like these shoes…” and that was the end of that… I sort of begged my mom to buy them for me, and she said she would get them for me, but I needed to wait until my birthday to wear them.




Hand Jewelry and Ear Cuffs

My other sister got me both of these, and if you read my jewelry wish list, then you know that she was right on the money.  However, the funny thing is that she didn’t even read my post, she just picked out what she thought I would like… I guess she knows me pretty well…


20150719_134509 20150719_134910


New scents for my room and car

Honestly, can anyone ever get out of Bath and Body Works without spending money?  I know I can’t…  Seriously though, every time I walk into that store I always walk out with some type of purchase… I have long been obsessed with their wallflower collection, and I pretty-much burnt out my old one… to the point that the bulb would just fall right out when I tried to put it in, so I casually hinted that  I may need a new one for my birthday… my sister also got me an air freshener for my car, because… who doesn’t want their car to smell good?  I sure do!




And that pretty-much wraps it up for this haul!  Let me know in the comments if you like seeing this sort of post, and what posts you would like to see in the future!



What is your favorite way to celebrate a birthday?

What store do you always spend money in?





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