How to Style: Boyfriend Jeans

We have all been there.  You fall in love with a certain clothing item only to come home and realize you have essentially nothing to go with it.  It isn’t that you don’t like the item… It’s just that nothing seems to look good with it.   So then it sits in your closet for months on end and you wonder why you ever bought the item in the first place…  Cue boyfriend jeans.


Hey everyone!


So last year I decided to get on board with the  boyfriend jeans trend, and bought a pair.  I did end up wearing them a few times, but it was always a struggle finding an outfit that would look good with them, so I sort-of gave up for a while.  I  recently came across them while cleaning my room, and decided to set aside some time where I could figure out a few outfits that would go well with them.  After much Pinterest scrolling, tearing apart my closet, and a long try on session, I finally pulled together a few outfits that I am super excited to wear.

I decided to create a post showing you guys what I came up with, because I know firsthand how hard boyfriend jeans can be to pull off.  I am wearing the same pair of jeans in each outfit, I just styled them differently to give you some options.  My hope is that you can get some inspiration from this post, and possibly recreate some of these looks on your own!  Lets get into it!


Look #1- Boho Chic

For this look I paired the jeans with an oversized sheer top, a flower crown, and some killer wedges I got for my birthday… and when I say killer, I don’t mean in a good way… I wore these shoes for a short shift at work, and I am very glad that it was only  a short one.  I have naturally wide feet, and the cut of these shoes was way too narrow for me.  I ended up getting blisters from the shoes cutting into my heels, and my feet still hurt the next morning… Needless to say, I will not be wearing them again anytime soon.  That is unless I succeed in stretching them out… Since I still really like the shoes, I plan on attempting to stretch them out somehow, and if I end up succeeding, then I probably will end up creating a post on how I did it.






Look #2- Striped Tee Shirt

For this outfit I went for more of a daytime look, and paired my jeans with gladiators, a simple striped tee-shirt, and a statement necklace for good measure.  Now that I am looking back at this picture, I am realizing that you can’t really see the necklace I am wearing… so in case you are wondering, it’s a silver scalloped necklace, and it is the same one I wore in my first post.  I feel like this would be a great outfit to wear around campus (not that I want school to start anytime soon…), or for a casual day on the town.



bf jeans



Look #3- Tied up Tee

I actually really like this look!  It has a little bit of edge, but requires very little work.  I simply paired my boyfriend jeans with an oversized tee-shirt which I tied in the front.  I also wore a pair of strappy wedge sandals and added some hoop earrings… it was really that easy, and when something is comfy and cute… that’s a win in my book!




Look #4- Oversized Blazer

While scrolling through Pinterest and Tumblr, I came across a ton of girls wearing blazers with boyfriend jeans, and I really like the vibe it gives off.  I got this blazer from Nordstrom Rack a couple of months ago, and I feel like the bright colors give off the perfect vibe for summer.  I paired the blazer with a pink tank as well as extremely high pink wedges… I wear heels all the time and even I was scared I was going to twist my ankle wearing these… not to mention that last time I wore them I nearly face-planted while stepping out of the car… in front of my entire family… it’s totally fine…







And that’s the last outfit for this post!  While putting together these looks, I found that it looks really good if you cuff the bottom of your jeans.  I also found that wearing  heels/wedges helps to complete the outfit as well as adds some dimension to it.  Of course you don’t have to wear heels, but if you are short like me, it will give you some extra height and keep your bottom-half from looking frumpy.  The last thing I noticed was that since boyfriend jeans are so loose fitting, you need something somewhat lose or oversized for your top half.  Doing this will keep your proportions in check, and keep your bottom half from looking larger than your top half.


And that’s it for this post!  Hopefully you guys found some inspiration from it, and be sure to let me know which outfit is your favorite in the comments below!






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