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Like every year, as August and therefore summer comes to a close, we must start thinking about the inevitable start of the school year…  wow, what a depressing intro to this post…

I’m just kidding.  School isn’t that bad…  at least you can see your friends!  You can see your friends and piles and piles of schoolwork… who’s excieted?  Nobody?  Ok then…

So now that I have failed at getting you pumped for school, let me fill you in on what this post is going to be about.  As much as I wish summer would last forever, for many of us, school is just around the corner, which means… first and foremost,  no more sleeping in…

I know firsthand how hard it is to not only get out of bed, but also to be on time for school.  Add looking presentable into the mix, and getting ready seems near impossible.  However, for this post I compiled a few tips on how to make your mornings run a bit smoother, and  hopefully this guide will help get you up and out the door in no time!  Let’s get started!


Tip #1-  Pick Out Outfits Night/Week in Advance

We all know the feeling.  You get up late and tear apart your closet, only to find absolutely nothing to wear… at least nothing that is clean… So what do you do?  Two options: you either revert back to the first outfit you tried on (the one you wear basically every week), or you throw on a tee-shirt and sweats and call it a day.  So how does one avoid this situation? Simple, just pick out an outfit the night before.  Sounds easy, right?  I’m sure we have all heard of this tip before,  but how often do we actually use it?  During the school year I constantly tell myself I’m too tired to pick out an outfit; that I will just do it when I wake up… and (surprise, surprise!) those are the days I am late to school.

However, I know school oftentimes means late nights studying until the crack of dawn; and by the time bedtime rolls around, picking out an outfit is the last thing you want to do.  So instead of waiting until nighttime to pick out your outfit, why not do it right when you get home?  Hardly anyone comes home and starts their homework immediately, so during that “pre-homework” time, go ahead and pick out you outfit.  Doing this will help clear your mind, and de-stress you from the long school day; plus, it will make your mornings so much easier.

Another thing you may want to try is planning your outfits a week ahead of time.  You’ve heard of meal prepping right?  Well this is basically the equivalent to meal prepping except with clothes.  I started doing this a couple of years back, and it makes getting ready so much easier!  Oftentimes, I set aside a time on Sunday to pick out my outfits for the week.  I usually give myself one day to “dress down” (sweats, yoga pants, etc.)  and one day to “dress up” (dresses, skirts, etc.).  After trying on essentially everything in my closet, I pull what I want to wear, wash what I need washed, and put away what I don’t plan on wearing.  I try and keep one of my dresser drawers completely empty, and put my weekly outfits in there.  Of course you don’t have to wear what you planned for that day (some days skinny jeans sound like death), but it’s nice to have something planned just in case.  If I am feeling extra motivated on Sunday, I will even add shoes and jewelry to the outfits making getting ready even easier!



Tip #2- Make Breakfast Ahead of Time

I am one of those people who have to have breakfast in the morning; so  for me, eating breakfast often takes up a large portion of my “getting ready time.”  That amount of time can be stretched out even more when I can’t decide what it is I want to eat… In case you were wondering, I am an extremely indecisive person… trust me, you do not want to be with me when I am ordering Starbucks…

Anyways, in order to make sure you get a good breakfast in, it’s important to have something prepped for the morning.  Some things that are easy to make the night before include oatmeal/overnight oats, homemade muffins/granola bars, and smoothie packets (just put smoothie ingredients in a bag, add liquid and blend in the morning).  Smoothies are always a great option for busy mornings because you can drink them while getting ready, or in the car.  You can also chop up and store fruit the night before to throw in your yogurt/cereal/oatmeal.

Doing this may seem a bit excessive, but when you are pressed for time, every second counts!  Seriously, there have been several times when I have literally chased my schoolbus down the street hoping they would see me and let me on.  I have also been marked late while the teacher was still taking attendence… but since she called my name before I got into the classroom, she refused to mark me as on time…


Tip #3- Keep Your Makeup Simple

This tip is really more of a personal preference, but for school I always try and keep my makeup as simple as possible.  Of course I still wear makeup to school, but I don’t get too crazy with it.  Oftentimes I will go for a combination of mascara, tinted lip-balm, blush and cover-up.  For me, I would rather spend time doing my hair rather than makeup; and more often than not, I end up doing my makeup in the school bathroom before class… no shame…



Tip#4- Limit Your Shower Time

I know, you are all going to hate me for posting this one, but spending a half hour in your morning shower will most definitely cause you to be late for school.  In order to prevent this from happening, put an alarm/timer on your phone and set it for five to eight minutes.  If you aren’t out by then, you will be forced to get out and dry off to turn off your alarm.  I know that doesn’t seem ideal, but trust me, it’s enough time… just think about those times you took a two minute shower because you woke up ten minutes before you needed to be out the door.  Trust me, that is more than enough time… plus you can always shower the night before!


Tip# 5- Do Hair the Night Before

I just realized that most of my tips are centered around the night before… but honestly, it’s so nice when everything is ready in the morning!  For me, mornings are a time to relax, and get ready for the upcoming day.  Basically mornings are my time to be lazy.  That’s why I don’t do extravagant hair style in the morning unless I know I have enough time.  There is nothing worse than leaving the house with your hair half-done… trust me, I speak (write?) from experience.  That’s why if I want to straighten/curl my hair, I often do it the night before, that way I just need to touch it up in the morning.  Something else I often do is french braid my hair at night and take it out in the morning for beachy waves.  Also, let me know in the comments if you want me to do a post on easy hairstyles for back to school!



Tip# 6- Set Your Clock Fast

For me, the hardest part about waking up is physically moving my body and  getting out of bed in the morning.  I am sure many of us can relate to that feeling… I’m pretty sure I hit the snooze button about fifteen times before I actually wake up.  Because it takes me so long to get out of bed, last year I started setting my alarm clock for ten to fifteen minutes fast, so when my clock said 7:05 was really 6:50.  It honestly made a huge difference!  Another trick you may want to try is putting your alarm clock across the room, so you have to get up in order to turn off your alarm.  Trust me, this will get you out of bed fast, especially if you have an old, obnoxiously loud alarm clock like I do.  My alarm is so loud that if I wake up before it goes off, and I am in the bathroom when it starts beeping, I have to marathon run into my room to unplug it before the whole house wakes up… and no, I am not even exaggerating.


And that’s if for this post!  I know there are several tips that I skipped over such as packing your schoolbag/lunch the night before.  However, I didn’t want this post to get too long, and I also didn’t want to sound  too repetitive.  Also, sorry if you got a notification with a bunch of random coding… I was claiming this blog on Bloglivin, so now you can also follow me there by clicking the Bloglovin button on the right sidebar!  Also…


Let me know in the comments:

What are your tips for getting ready in the morning?

What other back to school posts would you like to see?





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Great tips for all working women too.


and yeah I basically do a rat nest bun every day, so if you have hairstyles I can do in under 5 mins, I’m down


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