Outfit of the Day #6

Hey Guys!

So today I felt like I had to share this outfit with you.  Why you ask? Well a couple of weeks ago I went thrift shopping and picked up this dress for thirty-five cents.  Yep, that’s right.  I got this dress for under a dollar.  At my local thrift store, there is a section where there are bins upon bins of clothing, and the price depends on how much your purchase weighs.  Yesterday was my first time wearing this dress, and it was super comfortable.  Usually when I get things from the thrift store I end up altering them, but for this dress all I did was belted it and added some accessories.  At first I wasn’t in love with the cut of this dress… it isn’t exactly tight, yet it isn’t exactly lose.  However, adding a belt made a world of difference, and the pattern is so cute!









Let me know in the comments:

What is the cheapest dress you ever purchased?

What style of dress do you usually gravitate towards?





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Written by Angela

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Aww, thank you!!! I just discovered your blog and really love it as well!


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