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How has your week been??? Mine seemed to be flying by… is it really already Friday?  I  feel like my weeks either take forever, or they come and go in an instant… scary how that works.  What’s even more scary is that I am starting school next week.  I feel like summer just started, which probably has a lot to do with spending two months of my summer taking an online class… that might be it.  But I digress, today I am coming at you with another back to school post, this one focusing on a simple makeup look.  Not only is this a great look for school, but it is pretty-much my everyday makeup routine as well.  Actually,  this is even more makeup than I usually wear, since I often skip the eye-shadow.

I will admit that at first I was a little hesitant putting up this post, mainly because my hair seems to have a mind of it’s own, and for a makeup tutorial, I am not sure how desirable the finished look is…  However, I decided to keep it real with you, and share it anyways… Also, I had way too much fun editing these pictures, I seriously cracked up when I saw some of the faces I was making, and yes, these are the best pictures I could find…


Anywaaayyys….. the first thing I do before applying any makeup is wash and moisturize my face to ensure I am starting off with a clean base.  You can use any type of makeup remover/cleanser that you prefer, but I am currently using the Burts Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes… they aren’t exactly my favorite,  but they do the trick… and no, I don’t usually smile awkwardly while washing my face…


The next thing I do is apply cover-up onto whatever imperfections I want to hide.  Per usual, I am using the Neutrogena SkinClearing Blemish Concealer, because that is basically the only cover-up I use.  At this point you can also apply a BB cream, primer, or foundation.  However, I decided to leave that step out because I find it isn’t necessary for my skin type, and I don’t like the feeling of wearing heavy makeup.  However, if I feel like I do need to even out my skin tone, I gravitate towards a BB cream paired with a light powder.  BB creams are great because they are basically a moisturizer and foundation combined… and you know how much I love moisturizer.  Also, they are on the lighter side, so they don’t feel cakey either.


The next step for me is applying lipstick/tinted lip balm.  For this look I went with one of my favorite BabyLips in the color Pink Punch.  For the summertime, I have been really loving fun, bright colors.  BabyLips are great because they not only hydrate your lips, but they also give a good amount of color as well.  However, if I am wearing a regular lipstick as oppose to tinted lip balm, I apply a clear chap stick first to hydrate my lips, followed by a lipstick to add color.  Applying a lip balm first also allows your lipstick to go on smoother and appear glossier.


Moving on, my next step is often bronzer followed by blush.  Actually, that isn’t entirely true, since I often use tinted lip balm instead of blush.  Yepp, my BabyLips love grows stronger by the minute.  I really like the glow that stick blush gives off, but feel I can achieve the same type of look by using a tinted lip balm instead.  For this post I applied the same BabyLips I used for my lips onto my cheecks; however, the color often changes depending on the rest of my makeup… and yes, I’m pretty sure I have every shade of BabyLips… it’s not like I have a slight obsession or anything…

20150826_130456 (1)


After I finish applying makeup to my cheeks, I move onto my eyes.  When I  do wear eyeshadow, I tend to keep it pretty simple, sticking mostly to natural and golden tones.  For this look I used a palette I received from Julep, an online makeup store I discovered about a year ago.  For my base tone I went with a light tan color, and smudged in a dark brown towards the outer corner of my eyes.  Oh, and fun fact… mostly all of my eyeshadow is applied with my finger… Who needs brushes?  Not this girl…


Next up is my absolute favorite step… mascara!  I know I have previously mentioned my love for mascara, but I felt it was appropriate to reiterate that love in this post.  Honestly, I’m lost without it!  Okay, well maybe I wouldn’t say I’m lost without it, but it is definitely a makeup item I can’t go without!  The way I apply mascara is I start at the base of my lash-line, and wiggle the wand side to side as I bring it up towards the tip of my lashes.  Also, I always look down while applying mascara to my top lashes, and often blink as I bring the wand up.


After repeating that process several times, I move onto my bottom lashes.  When you apply mascara to your bottom lashes you want to hold the brush vertically, and barely touch the bottom of your lashes, as you can easily poke your eye with the wand, trust me… I would know.


And because I can’t get enough mascara, I layer on another brand of mascara, this time using Covergirl’s The Supersizer Mascara… look at that guilty smile…


I basically use the same technique for this round of mascara, the only difference is that after I am done, I will often use the tip of the brush more than the side of the brush.  This will allow you to give your lashes a more individualized and separated look.


And that’s if for this look!  I honestly can’t take myself seriously in these photographs…  I tried really hard to get a good “after” picture, but I can’t help cracking up while looking at them… I showed my sister who is going into seventh grade, telling her I was supposed to look good, and she just said ‘your one eye is bigger than the other,’ laughed and turned away…  so that happened…

back to school makeup


Anyways, that’s all for this post!  Hopefully I will have another back to school post up within the next couple of days, but if not have an amazing weekend!!!


And don’t forget to let me know in the comments:

What is your favorite makeup item?

Do you use any makeup items for more than one purpose?





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