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Today I am going to be sharing a quick Sephora haul with you guys!  So this weekend when I opened up my e-mail, I was pleasantly surprised to see a coupon from Sephora waiting for me.  It is not usual for me to buy high end makeup for myself, so I  was excited to find out that I could receive a packet of free samples in addition to any purchase.  I love free samples because they allow me to try a bunch of new products without having to commit to buying a full bottle of something.  So before my shift on Sunday, I headed over to Sephora to see what they had.  For my main purchase I went with a new makeup brush by Stila.  I know you are supposed to wash and/or replace your brushes every three months or so, and my makeup brush was quite a bit older than that, so I felt like investing in a new one was a good idea.  Also, the brush I had been using before was extremely poor quality, so I will let you know how this brush works out for me!




As for the free samples, I decided to do a quick overview of everything I received.   I labeled the samples by number, and provided a brief description of the products below!


#1-  Sephora: Express Eye Makeup Remover Wipes- I was happy to see that makeup remover was included, mainly because I am almost always out of it.  I also feel like these would be great for throwing in my purse/bookbag in case I need them!

#2- Kate Von D: Lock it Featherweight Primer- Primer is one of those products that I usually don’t wear, but probably should.  Just by the name and by feeling the sample, I can tell this is going to be a very lightweight product- which I love.  There is nothing worse that feeling like you’re wearing face-paint all day!

#3- First Aid Beauty: Face Cleanser- This is another product I am really excited to try out!  Face Cleanser is a must for me, especially in the morning, so it is always fun to try out different brands to switch it up.

#4- Liquid Blendercleanser- I wasn’t sure what this product was at first, but after reading the description on the back, I found out it is used to clean your makeup brushes.  Considering the fact that I just purchased a new brush, I am not sure how soon I will be testing out this product.  However, I suppose I could use it for some of my smaller brushes…

#5- Air Patrol: BB Cream Eyelid Primer- This primer is great because it is made specifically for eyelids, and doubles as a BB cream as well!  I love BB creams because they have SPF built into them, so your eyelids will be protected from the sun.  It’s weird because the skin on our eyelids is extremely thin making it more sensitive to light; however, we hardly ever put sunscreen on our eyelids… at least I don’t…

#6- Anastasia: Brow Powder Duo- Ironically enough, most of the products that came in this free sample packet are products that I don’t often use.  I actually have naturally thick eyebrows, so I usually don’t feel the need to fill them in.  However, I have heard some great things about this product, and in the past when I have filled in my eyebrows, I have always liked the way they turned out (if that makes sense).

#7- Urban Decay: Ultra Definition Skin- This package contains both a Pore Perfecting Complexion Primer, and Naked Skin Liquid Makeup.  I guess Sephora really likes primer…!  But all jokes aside, I actually am really excited to try this product out.  I know Urban Decay Naked is a really popular brand- especially for eye shadow, so I am curious to see how this works!

#8- Clean: Warm Cotton- In all honesty, I am not one who usually gravitates towards “clean” scents; I am more of a fruity/sweet scent kind of girl.  However, my sister loves these types of perfumes, so maybe I will give this one to her…

#9- Algenist: Anti-Aging Blurring Moisturizer- Honestly, this is another product I will most likely end up giving away…  Mainly because when I started looking through my free samples, my mom saw this and immediately said: “Ooohh give me that,” to which I promptly replied: “No.”  However, after thinking about it, I really don’t have much use for anti-aging cream anyways…

#10- Sephora Collection: Ultra Smoothing Primer-  Surprise, surprise!  Another primer for the win!  This was the last product in the package, and I have to say, I am pretty impressed with what I received.  Although the sizes were small, they gave you a good amount of products, and I am super excited to try them all out for you!


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