Halloween Makeup: Spider Web Tutorial

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How are we all doing today?  Can you believe that next week is already Halloween???  Eeekkk!  Time sure does fly!!!  Do you guys know what you are dressing up as yet?  If not- don’t worry… I’ve got you covered!  I have been brainstorming quick and easy Halloween looks for you guys, all of which are extremely inexpensive to recreate!

I decided to start off with a spider web since it is relatively simple and isn’t too dramatic.  I feel like this would be the  perfect look if you don’t want to go all out and scare people at school or the office, but still want to look cute and festive!  Below I show you a step by step tutorial on exactly how I created this look, and  hopefully this post will give you some Halloween inspiration, or at least get you into the spooky spirit!  Lets get into it!

So I started off with whatever makeup I was currently wearing- there is no need to remove your makeup for this look!  Also, I apologize in advance for whatever awkward faces I may be making throughout this post.  Lets just say I’m working on it…



Before I went in with the makeup crayons, I applied Hard Candy’s Eye Def Glitter Eyeshadow (that name is a mouthful!) to both of my eyelids.  I then roughly mapped out what I wanted the spider web to look like with that same eyeshadow, and  used my finger to blend everything together.



The next step is to start drawing the actual spider web.  You can draw your spider web using a variety of methods- however, I used two different Halloween makeup kits I purchased at Walmart for a whopping four dollars.  You can also use liquid eyeliner, but there is no need to go out and but expensive products unless you really want to.  Just remember that if you are using a cheaper brand, you will have to press a little harder for your makeup to actually show up; However, once you get the makeup crayons started, they will go on a lot smoother.



Also, when you first start drawing your spider web, it is a good idea to have a reference photo to look off of- especially if it is your first time creating this look.  To get a reference photo simply type ‘Spider Web Makeup’ into Google, and pick a photo to go off of.  Since I was in a rush while doing this, I just made it up as I went; however, I have created similar looks before- and having a photo handy has always helped me in the past.




The main thing you have to remember while drawing this spider web is to make sure you start off with a center point, and draw lines moving away from it in all different directions.  Then connect those lines with upsidown U shapes.  You can make your spider web as big or as small as you want to, and feel free to use whatever color suits your fancy- I started off with  metallic grey, and added more colors as I went.




Once I finished drawing the spider web, I decided to go back in with a black makeup crayon to make the look pop even more.  However, I feel like it would also look great if you added orange, green,  purple, or even blue.  The possibilities are endless!


I still wasn’t satisfied with my makeup after adding the black so I decided to fill in the blank spaces with the  liquid eye shadow I used earlier.  Also, don’t worry if your lines aren’t perfect- just go back in with a wet Q-tip, and touch up the areas you aren’t happy with.  You could also put makeup remover on your Q-tip, but be careful if you choose to do that because it will make your makeup more likely to smudge, and often leaves a greasy residue on your face.




After going back in with eye shadow, I was finally satisfied with my look.  You may also notice that I ended up removing part of the spider web closest to my eye since it started smudging.


20151020_165657 20151020_165709



And that’s it for this post!  Let me know if you end up recreating this look by emailing me at angieroseclothes@gmail.com, or leaving a comment with a link to your photos!



Will you be dressing up this Halloween?

What tutorial would you like to see next?





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So glad you mentioned the office. The design is very appropriate for home and work. I’d like more ideas for home and work.


Thanks for the suggestion! I will work on adding more work friendly looks!


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