Halloween Makeup: Sugar Skull

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I hope you are all having a great week so far!  So today I am back with a second Halloween Makeup tutorial!  Unlike the first look I created, this one is a little more bold, a bit creepier, and isn’t quite as workplace friendly.  However, who says you need to look pretty on Halloween?  Halloween is the one day you can look absolutely terrible, and get complimented on how good you look… nothing wrong with that!

So for this tutorial,  I based my makeup off of the Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls, and the color palette was inspired by candy corn.  In case you don’t already know, the Day of the Dead is a Mexican Holiday meant to honor the deceased.  It is celebrated in the beginning of November, and it is thought that for one day those who have passed away can come back to Earth to revisit their loved ones.  There are tons of festivities during this holiday, and the Sugar Skulls are just that- colorful skulls made out of candy.  Because of their festive and colorful vibe, these skull make the perfect Halloween costume.  There are also tons of Sugar Skull variations, so you can make your look as pretty or as creepy as you want.  My look is definitely on spookier side of things (according to my mom at least…); however, you can easily change the vibe by using different colors, adding jewels, and/or switching up the design.

Like in my last Halloween Tutorial, I am going to be showing you step by step exactly how I did my makeup; however, feel free to make changes wherever you see fit!  Also, I want to apologize ahead of time about the bad lighting… I guess that’s what happens when you take pictures in the middle of the day…

To start off, make sure that your hair is pulled back, and your face is mostly free of makeup- however, mascara and lip gloss are completely fine!  The next step is to go in with white face paint; however, you may want to use a primer first- especially if you are using a cheap brand of face paint like I did.  Using a primer will help keep your makeup in place as well as prevent your face paint from cracking.  I personally skipped this step, but immediately regretted it…. as expressed in the second picture. 😉


sugar skull makeup

sugar skull makeup


While I used my finger to apply the face paint, you could also use a sponge, makeup brush, or beautyblender if you have one.  I started off with a thin, even coat, and then made it more opaque with my second coat.  While applying your face paint, try to make everything move in the same direction, or at least try to follow the natural curves of our face (meaning going around your lips/eyebrows, following your jawline, etc.).  I also decided to leave circles around my eyes, and didn’t apply any makeup to my lips; however, you can defiantly cover those areas if you want to!


day of the dead makeup


The next step is to fill in your ‘eye sockets.’  This is where I made my first huge mistake, and unfortunately, there wasn’t much I could do about it.  I decided to use makeup crayons for this look- however, I should have used face paint instead.  The makeup crayons were extremely difficult to apply, did not show up well on top of the white face paint, and took forever to get out of my eyebrows.  While they worked fine for this tutorial, I would not recommend them for a sugar skull look.  Nonetheless, they were the only thing I had on hand, so I used them anyways…


sugar skull


I decided to use two different colors for my eye sockets; however, sugar skull eyes are traditionally the same color.  I also added some orange to the interior of my right eye so it wouldn’t be completely red.  Finally, I went in with both a yellow and red crayon, and created petal-like loops around my eye sockets.  While sugar skull makeup is extremely versatile, eye sockets are something you really can’t skip over.  Other than that, everything else is free game!


sugar skull Halloween makeup

sugar skull makeup tutorial


Next, I decided to  created an orange heart on my forehead, as well as a red upside down heart going down the bridge of my nose.  Again, feel free to switch up the design if you don’t like the hearts- this is simply what I was feeling at the moment!  Some other designs that would look great on your forehead might include: a spiderweb, a henna design, a star and moon… try and get creative with it!


sugar skull makeup


I then went in with a red crayon, and drew a line starting at my mouth and continuing up towards my temple.  Then, going back in with yellow, white, and red crayons, I drew vertical lines to create the ‘sewn mouth look.’  After that, I mirrored the flower outline I did around my eyes around my mouth.


day of the dead tutorial

sugar skull tutorial


Finally, I finished off the look by going in with an orange crayon to create a heart on my chin, and continued to outline it until I ended up with this.  I also went over the heart on my forehead with a red crayon to make it pop.  Again, sorry about the random lighting changes…


sugar skull


And that is the finished tutorial!  If you recreate this look on your own, be sure to leave a comment linking your pictures, or email me with your recreated sugar skulls- I would love to see them!


sugar skull



Until next time!


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