Last- Minute Thanksgiving Outfits

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Can you believe that Thanksgiving is already here?!?  Pretty soon we will be chowing down on homemade stuffing, creamy casseroles, and world famous pies all while spending quality time with friends and family!  Only in America do we have a holiday completely dedicated to eating… not that I’m complaining or anything…

However, what doesn’t sound quite so amazing is picking out an outfit… and if you are like me, you waited until the last second to figure out what to wear.   Of course we all want to look cute and festive for Thanksgiving; however, nobody wants to be stuck wearing a skin tight dress they can’t breath in.  Because lets be honest, we are all going to have food babies after Thanksgiving dinner.  It’s pretty-much inevitable.

So in order to help you guys out, I created three different looks that you can pull inspiration from, and  recreate with items that you already own.  The key to picking out the perfect Thanksgiving outfit is to keep the top part of your outfit loose, and wear stretchy materials.  Think big sweaters, long cardigans, leggings, shift dresses, etc.  Also, rely on accessories to add interest to your outfit.   Even if you are just wearing black leggings and a white tee-shirt, you can easily create visual interest by adding a structured jacket, cute shoes, a statement necklace, or even a bold lip color.  Accessories really can make an outfit!  So now that we’ve got the basics down- lets move on to the outfits!

Outfit #1 Maxi Skirt and Crop Top

If you know me, you know that my love for maxi skirts runs deep.  Some people say they are more of a summer piece- however, I wear them throughout the entire year.  I love that they are more comfortable than jeans- yet look extremely put together.  For this outfit, I went with a maroon skirt paired that with a black and white striped crop top, an owl necklace, and strappy black wedges.  In all honesty, this is my go-to outfit for when I am feeling lazy but have to look nice- which makes it perfect for Thanksgiving dinner!


20151125_154239 20151125_154317


Outfit #2 Cozy Sweater and Jeans

For this outfit I decided to go with a purple woven sweater, jeans, a statement necklace and earrings.  I wore wedges to make this look a bit more put together; however, combat boots, flats, or even rider boots would also work with this outfit.  If you want to up the comfort factor even more-  swap out the jeans for  leggings or jeggings!


20151125_160215 20151125_160250


Ouftit # 3 Shift Dress and Scarf

You guys may recognize this dress from one of my previous OOTD posts– however, I decided to recycle it and use it again for this post.  Why you ask?  Mostly because it is comfortable and cute- and isn’t that what we are going for?  I vote yes!  For this outfit, I paired my dress with a maroon scarf, high socks, boots, and a cardigan.  You could also create a similar look by using an over-sized tee shirt  and leggings.  Again, feel free to experiment with all of these looks, as they are all more or less interchangeable!




And that’s it for this post!  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!  Make sure to eat lots of good food, have fun with your family, and take a moment to be thankful!




Let me know in the comments:

What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

What are you thankful for?





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I will keep these ideas in mind today, Thanks js


I love outfit #2 (Cozy Sweater and Jeans). I think I could wear that every day.


I love that outfit too! I actually wear that sweater quite often! 🙂


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