How to Style: Summer Pieces in the Winter

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How is everyone doing today?  Hopefully you were able to stay warm and safe this week despite the blizzard-like conditions!  It’s crazy how quickly the weather can change- I feel like not too long ago it was almost springlike outside, and now… well, lets just say that is certainly no longer the case.     I know that some people really love the winter, but honestly- that’s not me, and I don’t think it ever will be.  Even when I was younger I was always the first one to suggest going back inside because I couldn’t feel my toes- and it’s around this time of year that I often start craving those warm July nights.  And although it’s safe to say that summer weather is the furthest thing from reality at this point- that doesn’t mean we have to revert back to sweatpants and hoodies!

So instead of waiting months to pull out your summer pieces- why not start now?  I know, that’s probably the last thing you wanted to hear.  I must be crazy telling you to wear shorts in January… like, am I trying to torture you? Am I subconsciously wishing hypothermia upon you?

The answer is no… rest assured- I am not trying to torture you, nor do I want you to wear a summer outfit in the dead of winter.  The purpose of this post is simply to help maximize your wardrobe so you’re not stuck repeating the same outfits over and over again.  Also, when you start wearing seasonal clothing all year long, its hard to get bored with your wardrobe.  Lets get started!


(For each set of outfits I picked out one summer clothing item, and showed you how I styled it to fit both the summer and winter seasons)



Floral Dress

Summer Version– For this outfit I paired a floral dress from H&M with a thick white headband and wedge sandals.  I also added a black circle skirt underneath the dress, because lets be honest… this dress is way too short on it’s own.  So if anyone out there has an old dress that is now too short for them- try layering a skirt underneath before tossing it in the give-away pile!





Winter Version– In order to get away with wearing a floral dress in a winter outfit- I changed it’s use completely, and turned it into a peplum top.  Now,  before you freak out, let me clear something up…  I did not cut, nor did I physically alter my dress to achieve this look.  All I did was tucked the dress into my leggings, and pulled at it until I was happy with the length.  I have used this technique several times in the past, and it actually works for most fit and flare dresses.  As for the rest of my outfit, I paired my ‘peplum top’ with a white leather jacket, a statement necklace, and the suede boots I mentioned in this post.


20160125_144409 20160125_144417






Summer Version– For my next outfit, I went with a summer staple: cutoff shorts.  I feel like every girl should have at least one pair of cutoff shorts in her wardrobe since they go with so many things!  I actually DIY’d the shorts I am wearing in this post (you can find out how I did it here) and I kept the rest of my outfit casual with a graphic tee fro Delias, and (knockoff) converse. 





Winter Version– Unless you are a middle school boy- wearing shorts in the winter probably seems a bit strange to you.  However, wearing leggings or tights underneath your shorts makes a huge difference!  For this outfit, I went with an over-sized men’s tee from H&M, a cardigan from Delia’s, and combat boots from Forever 21.


20160125_151912 20160125_151935




White Pants

Summer Version– I decided to center my last set of outfits around a white pair of jeans.  I got these jeans along with the top I am wearing from Delia’s, and my black wedges are from Bon-Ton.  I don’t know why, but this outfit makes me really excited for summer…  I think it is partially the mint top and partially the pink hair…






Winter Version- For the winter version I went with the same suede boots from my first outfit, a statement necklace purchased at a craft fair, and a button up from SheIn.  In case you didn’t know- SheIn is an online boutique that sells lots of on trend clothing items from multiple different brands.  And although I’m not too keen on online shopping- their Black Friday deals were too good to pass up!  Unfortunately, while I really like the top shown below, about half of my pieces didn’t end up fitting right.  So for that reason, I think I will stick with in-store shopping from now on…  However, I want to hear from you guys… do you prefer shopping online or in-stores?  You already know my stance…



FOT121B (1)



While creating this post, I came to the conclusion that creating a winter look using summer clothing is actually quite easy once you get the hang of it!  As long as you stick with dark colors, add lots of layers (scarves, cardigans, jackets, high socks, etc.), and wear winter boots/shoes you should be golden!  Also, the way you do your makeup can contribute greatly to how your look turns out, so try to use deep reds and berry tones as oppose to pinks and corals.



Also, Let me know in the comments:

Do you change your wardrobe throughout the seasons?

What tips do you have for using summer pieces in the winter?








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