2016 Spring Wishlist

Hey Everyone!

So I don’t know about you- but recently I have been craving warm weather and summer clothing now more than ever.  And although the temperatures outside only seem to be dropping, I am beyond excited for summer barbecues, pastel crop tops and longer days.  Also, since fashion is always working a season ahead, most stores already have their spring clothing out, which makes me even more excited for winter to be over.  I honestly feel like wearing bright colors can improve your mood, at least it can for me!  Also, I know it isn’t completely logical, but I think the weather being so cold actually makes me even more inclined to buy spring and summer pieces.  Like maybe if I buy enough Easter dresses the sun will magically come out and the snow will magically melt… that can happen can’t it?

Well, even if we are stuck with the blistering cold for a while longer, it’s fun to at least admire spring fashion from afar, and hope the weather will turn around soon.  So, without further ado- here is my 2016 Spring Wishlist…



Lulus- Playing Fleur Keeps Ivory Floral Prink Maxi Dress






Lulus- Chic Freely Ivory Backless Skater Dress






Lookbook Store- Long-Sleeve Floral Romper









Lulus- Lyrical Light Blue Striped Off-the-Shoulder Crop Top


Lyrical Light Blue Striped Off-the-Shoulder Crop Top at Lulus.com!


Love Culture- Off Shoulder Paisley Cropped Jumpsuit



 As you can tell, I have really been drawn to cold shoulder tops- as well as billowy and relaxed fits for springtime.   Relaxed fits are great because they are fashion forward, yet still feel effortless and can easily be worn day to day.  Now I’m just praying that the weather will break soon… I don’t know how much longer I can wait!
Also, let me know in the comments:
Which look is your favorite?
What trends do you love for the coming seasons?
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Written by Angela

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random commenter #41.76

you should do a bathing suits post. I like bathing suits


Okay Julie, I will keep that in mind;)


The maxi dress is my favorite – can’t wait for spring!


I love that one! I practically live in maxi-dresses during spring and summer!

Rebecca Bitondo

Love the pinks and florals. I’d love to see some of your accessory picks for the next few months too! 🙂


Florals are definitely essential for springtime! And thanks for the suggestion- I love accessories so I will definitely keep that in mind when creating new posts!


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