OOTD #11

Hey Everyone!

Long time no talk, right?  How are you all doing today?  Are you all pumped that it’s finally summer?  I know I am…  Call me crazy, but no matter how old I get I feel like I will always have that little kid- schools out feeling whenever June 20th rolls around…   There is just something about those long hot days, breezy nights, and endless memories that never fail to make me smile.  I know, I feel like I am being super cliché right now, but come on, who doesn’t love summer?  And  if you are one of those people who prefers a cold, winter’s evening- please just let me live in hopeless oblivion.

Anywaayyys, today’s OOTD is another one featuring my sister Julie,  and although I have created posts featuring both of my sisters before, I have never dedicated a whole post to one of them.  Well, until today that is… This outfit is actually something she wore to one of her good  friend’s  grad  parties, and as she was leaving the house I literally chased her down to see if she would let me take her picture.

To me, her look is super 50’s but with a bit of a modern twist.  And although her romper isn’t full on polka dots, the hearts resemble that type of pattern- and combined with the tie front,  red lips, and bug eye sunglasses- there is a definite retro vibe going on, which I love…

However, this isn’t the only way to create an up-to-date fifty’s looks-  Actually, one of the easiest ways to represent that time period is through clothing silhouette.  The fifties are infamous for their poodle skirts, so wearing a fit and flare dress or a mid length A-line skirt that cinches at the waist is also a great way to release your inner Marilyn Monroe…  If anyone is interested- I could make a whole series recreating looks from previous decades- so  let me know in the comments if that idea intrigues you at all.  Your feedback means everything to me!



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Also, let me know if you have any suggestions for future posts- do you guys want to see more of my sisters?  Do you prefer longer or shorter posts?  And what type of content do you guys enjoy?  Sorry for bombarding you with all of the questions!


Until next time!





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I really like that outfit! I would like to see more of your sisters. Your blog is really fun and unlike it so keep posting!


Thanks Destiny! I’ll be sure to include them in future posts!


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