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Hey guys!

How is everyone doing today?  So I have to admit, I’ve been purchasing a lot of clothing items lately, and when I say a lot, I mean it’s getting a bit excessive…  However, with that being said- the more purchases I make means the more posts you get, so that’s good, right?

Anywaaays, you may remember that in the very beginning of summer I did a bathing suit favorites, but what you may not know is that after publishing that blog post, I actually ended up  buying several new bathing suits, and today I figured I would show you which bathing suits I purchased, along with a few extra bathing suits that I already own.  Unfortunately, since I purchased these bathing suit a while ago, most of them are no longer available to buy since they are out of stock.  However, with that being said,  most of these styles are still quite popular, so it should be relatively easy to find a similar item, or at least another bathing suit you  like from one of these brands…  So with that said, lets get right into the post!

Halter Black Bikini (Dresslink)

So this season I have really been loving the bandage bikini look, and after gawking at them from afar for quite some time, I finally got my hands on one through an online store called Dresslink.  In case you guys didn’t already know, Dresslink is a website that sells a variety of women’s clothing items for rock bottom prices- and when I say their prices are low, I mean they are comparable to thrift store prices.  However, I will say that if you are going to order from Dresslink, just know that their quality is not always the best, because although I am extremely happy with this bikini, the quality of my other purchases were less than desirable.





Hot Pink Bikini with Strappy Halter (Aerie)

So this bathing suit is actually one that I included in my bathing suit favorites.  It’s funny because right after I put up that post, I received an email from Aerie saying that their bathing suits were on super sale.  I can’t remember the exact sale at the moment, but I believe all of their bathing suits were  fifty percent off, and knowing that I needed to go bathing suit shopping anyways, I decided to stock up, and bought three bathing suits off their website.   Like always, I was pretty nervous about whether the bathing suits would fit or not; however, I ended up really liking all of the bathing suits I purchased, and the only problem I ran into was the fact that Aerie sent me three of the same bottoms at one point… don’t ask… 

Lilac One Piece (Aerie)

Okay, so this is actually one of the bathing suits that I still have from last year, so I apologize for any wrinkles or discoloration in this suit; at least you can tell it has been well loved…  For me, what makes this bathing suit one of my favorites is not only the color, but also the fact that the back laces up.  I tend to gravitate towards bathing suits that have something unique about them, so having the deep back that criss-crosses all the way up adds that something extra since the front is relatively plain.  And although I was planning on purchasing another one piece this season, it didn’t end up happening- so this is currently the only one piece I own.  

Strapless Polka Dot Bikini (Aerie)

You can probably already tell by the faded colors, but in case you didn’t already figure it out- yes, this is the other bathing suit that I purchased last year.  For me, what makes this bikini such a staple is the fact that it  has very smooth lines, and the bottoms are a bit thicker which is something that I often look for.  I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like I am always self-conscious with super skimpy bottoms. Also, I feel like thicker bands are more flattering for  my figure since string bikinis tend to bunch and pinch in all of the wrong places.


Neon Patterned Bikini (Aerie)

This is another bathing suit that I got for half off, and according to my mom, this bikini is the most “me” out of all of them.  Like I mentioned above, I really like thicker tops, and I feel like the cut of this suit really works for my body type. Since I am someone who carries most of their weight on their bottom half- I have always had smaller boobs and a relatively small waist.  Because of this, the little bit of padding really helps me out, and the bottom of the bikini top hits right at the top of my waist giving me more of an hourglass figure.   The only thing I would change about this bikini is maybe pairing it with high-waisted bottom instead, to create even more curves.DSC_0484
Navy Blue High Neck Crop Bikini (Aerie)

This is the last bathing suit I purchased from the 50% off sale at Aerie– and like many of the other bathing suits that I mentioned- I had been wanting to try this style for quite some time.  Not only do I really love the texture and color of this suit, but I feel like the high neck look is great on almost everyone.  However,  for this bathing suit in particular- I would recommend being a bit more cautious if you have a larger chest.  The reason I say this is because there is no padding in this suit, and the top is pretty tiny.  You can’t really tell in this photograph, but when I first took it out of the package, I didn’t know if it would fit- however  since the material is stretchy, I was able to easily fit into it, and although the fabric is pretty thin, I don’t have a large enough chest to make that an issue. 😉



And that’s it  you guys!  It’s funny because until I put this post together, I didn’t realize that almost all of my bathing suits were from Aerie…  I guess that’s what happens when you find a brand you like.  Does anyone else do that?  I feel like once I have a good experience with a store, I only shop there until either:

1) I get sick of shopping there


2) I force myself to try  something different…

Oh well…  Until next time!


Let me know in the comments:

Which bathing suit is your favorite?

Which store store do you buy your bathing suits at?





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Like the suits was wondering the cost
Maybe use $ signs to indicate range. Jane


Thanks Jane! So the bathing suits from Aerie were around 14 dollars for the tops and around ten for the bottoms. The bikini from Dresslink was around five dollars for the whole set believe it or not!


I really like the neon patterned bikini!! I also share the obsession with getting my bathing suits at on place. Sometimes hat place even is Arie. I also want you to know that I really love your blog! Your style is great and sort of reminds me of myself. Keep posting because yo have some real talent! I would love to see more!


Thanks Natalie- you’re so sweet! And that’s awesome that we have a similar style- It’s so crazy how people can relate to each other!


I like the neon patterned bikini too. All of my swim suits are from Gap.


That one seems to be the favorite! And I didn’t even know that Gap sold bathing suits… that’s awesome though, I’ll have to check them out next time I’m in there!


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