Why is Fashion Important?

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So today I wanted to talk about why fashion and personal style are important.  Honestly, I feel like this is something a lot of people wonder about- especially if fashion isn’t something that’s a priority to you.  Because of this, I decided to create a post breaking down why fashion is important to me, in hopes that some of these reason will resonate with you as well (at least a little bit).

why is fashion important

Leave an impression:

Lets start with the obvious.  We all wear clothing- at least I hope we do ;).  And as much as I hate to say it- humans can easily be judgmental, and oftentimes, the first thing that people notice about you is your appearance.  And when I say this, I am not in any way saying you need to change who you are, or that people have a right to judge you.  Nor am I saying that you have to dress up every day of your life.  There are definitely days when I never change out of the sweatpants I slept in, or go to Wal-Mart looking like I just got hit by a train.  However, I know that when I do make that extra effort to dress up, people seem to react positively, and I’m sure that the same will apply to all of you.

Oftentimes, the way someone dresses is correlated to how others perceive you.  So when you are trying to leave a lasting impression- say in a job interview, or at your significant other’s parent’s house- what you wear is important.  A hoodie and jeans will come off differently than a dress or a nice blouse will.  And although you can win someone over with your personality, charisma, or work ethic; dressing the part is already one step in the right direction.  It shows that you are put together, are confident in who you are- and more often than not- people will be drawn to that.

Become Productive:

I know what you’re thinking.  Dressing up can make you more… productive?  Sounds like a stretch doesn’t it?  However, I want you guys to really think about it.  On the days you put no effort into your appearance- how do you feel?  Do you feel like you could take on the world, like your going to do something amazing?  Probably not.  Those are the days when we hope we don’t run into anyone we know, constantly go to the bathroom to fix our hair, and pray the day will go by quickly- at least that’s how it works for me.

It may sound strange, and you probably don’t even notice it- but since dressing down is correlated with relaxation, it can feel like since your outfit is more casual, your work ethic can be sub-par as well.  The reason people dress up for work is because when you are dressed professionally- you feel more professional- it’s as simple as that.

Boost your Confidence:

Dressing up to me, and (I would bet) to a lot of other people is also a huge confidence booster.  Like I said before- I don’t always dress up, but when I do, I immediately feel more self assured- and not only that, but I also feel more productive, happier, and full of energy.  Being able to look in the mirror, and feel good about your reflection is definitely a game changer.

I say that confidence is a game changer, because as sad as it is- nowadays it is extremely uncommon for girls to be happy with their appearance.  More often than not- one type of beauty is looked at as more desirable than others, resulting in low self esteem.  Girls will often hide their bodies, or give up on fashion in fear of drawing attention to themselves.  However, what these girls (and guys) fail to realize is that having a personal style can boost your confidence immensely, and confidence truly is the most powerful and attractive quality.

Also, it doesn’t matter what body type you have, or how old you are- I honestly feel that once you start creating a wardrobe you love, and experiment with hair and makeup- you will immediately feel better about yourself.  A lot of women in today’s society are blinded to their own beauty because of ridiculous standards.  However- finding pieces that flatter your body, work with your complexion, and fit your lifestyle will have a huge impact on the way you feel about yourself- I promise.  Everyone has at least a handful of good features, and the way you dress and take care of yourself can heighten those even more.

Self Expression:

I’ll be honest- self expression is definitely one of the top reasons I feel fashion is so important.  Putting together outfits is a way for me to be creative, and I would argue that it is a form of artwork.  However, I understand that not everyone sees clothing in that way, and trust me I totally get it.  However, even if you aren’t creatively inclined- or just generally don’t put much effort or thought into your looks, hear me out.

Like I mentioned before, the way you dress can often be correlated to your personality/general vibe.  Because of this, it is a good idea to dress in a way that reflects who you are.  So if you are super sporty- buy some cute printed leggings; if you are a Disney lover- Hot Topic has some amazing graphic tee options; and if you are really drawn to the bohemian look- flowy dresses and body chains will be your new best friend.  Dressing in a way that reflects who you are (or what you are interested in) is going to attract like-minded people who want to get to know you on a personal level.  And of course don’t be afraid to experiment- fashion should be fun after all!


And with that- I’m going to wrap up today’s post!  I’m sure that there are many of other reasons fashion is important; however, for me, those are the main factors driving my passion for fashion.  Oftentimes, people think that in order to be fashionable- you have to follow all of the major trends or look like a model.  However, that is not at all the case.  I feel like such a cheese ball for saying this- but having different clothing taste is what makes us all unique.  We are all drawn to different things, and that is totally okay!  What matters most is that you are being true to yourself, and once you do that- fashion will become a lot easier, and a lot more enjoyable.


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Written by Angela

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Hi Angela,
I am reading your blog for the first time and I really like it. You give so much good information. My style Is on the more sporty side. Sometimes I want to dress up more but I don’t want people to judge me because that isn’t like me. I have been trying to dress up more though and this post just gave me even more confidence! I will definitely read your blog again and be sure to tell my friends! Thanks!


Thank you so much Corrisa, that means a lot! And I’m so glad you are becoming more confident- both of my sisters are really sporty and they sometimes worry about the same thing, but oftentimes, people just compliment them!


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