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How are you all doing?  It feels so good to finally talk to you guys again!  I know you’re probably sick of me saying this, but I truly am sorry that I haven’t been getting regular content out to you all.  I just started at a new college, and am currently working two jobs, so life has been pretty busy  as of lately.  However, I’m trying to work on my time management, and hopefully that will get better as the year goes on.

So today’s post is actually one I have been working on for quite a while, and the reason it took me so long to formulate it is because I have been testing out these techniques for about six months to ensure they work.


However, I do want to throw out a few disclaimers before I get into the tips.  Although I have experienced positive results with these tips – I can’t make any promises.  Genetics definitely will play a huge part in how fast your hair grows, and different textures will do better with certain techniques.  However- testing out some of these tips definitely won’t hurt, so lets just get started- this post is a long one.

Drink Water- So I’m sure you have all heard this tip before; however, I really do feel that staying hydrated is super important, and although water is great option- you don’t necessarily have to be getting all of your liquid intake from water alone.  You can also get hydration from thing such as juices, teas, coffee, or sports drinks.  However, most of the time- water will still be your best option- so if you are looking for a way to spice things up- try adding fruit, or a squeezable liquid enhancer.  Also, ice water always tastes better than room temperature water- just saying…


Eat Healthy- I honestly feel that diet hugely impacts how both your hair and your skin appear-along with how you feel.  So not only do you want to stay hydrated- but you also want to be eating a balanced diet to help your hair appear thicker, stronger, and shiner.  I usually aim to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables since they are so high in nutrients- nuts, seeds, avocados, and dark chocolate to keep my hair shiny- and beans, protein bars, veggie burgers and tofu since your hair is primarily made up of protein.


Exercise- So this is an area that I have reeaalllyyy been slacking on lately…  I mean it has been months since I’ve been on a consistent workout schedule.  However, moving your body is definitely a super important part of being healthy- and getting the blood flow to your scalp is going to be a huge factor in hair growth- so try to move around as much as possible.

Supplements- So I have to say… this tip is definitely a little sketchy; however it is still one that I follow regularly (insert sorry not sorry, and I’m an easy sell hashtag).  My mom has always been one to have me and my siblings take a daily multivitamin; however a couple of years ago I also started taking biotin- which is a hair, skin and nails supplement.  I know, I feel like there are so many mixed reviews on these types of products; however, I do feel like they make a difference for me.  Through the years I have tried several different brands- most of them being drugstore, but my favorite so far is Sugarbearhair which I’m sure you have seen all over Instagram.  However, they are fairly pricey- so if aren’t addicted to spending money like me- I would go for the cheaper version.


Don’t Wash Your Hair  Again, this is a tip I’m sure you have all heard before- but it’s one of the best tips you can follow.  If you are trying to get shiny, healthy hair- you really shouldn’t be washing your hair everyday.  Of course you can still shower- but instead of shampooing like normal- wear a shower cap, wet your hair but don’t wash it, or just condition.  As to how long you should go between washes- that’s up to you.  I know some people can go over a week without washing their hair- but I am definitely not one of those people.  I tend to go three to four days max- but it honestly depends on my activity levels and how humid it is outside.

Use More Conditioner- So for those of you who already know you can’t skip shampooing every day- this tip is for you.  I remember growing up my mom would tell  me only to condition every other day, and to never put conditioner straight onto my roots; however- that is entirely untrue (sorry mom).  Conditioning your scalp will not give you dandruff or oily hair- it will give you that shiny hair you have always desired.  However, there is less moisture on the tips of your hair- so you should apply most of your conditioner at the bottom of your hair, and eventually work your way up- so that the conditioner has more time to work it’s magic.  Also, try and use hair treatments as much as possible.

Massage Your Scalp- So this may sound weird, and maybe I am being delusional, but after hearing this tip a couple of months ago, I started doing it all of the time.  Massaging your scalp is supposed to help stimulate your hair follicles at the root, and this will create blood circulation that will promote hair growth.  I often do this while shampooing in the shower, or whenever I am bored.  Just use your fingers to rub your scalp in a circular motion, and make sure not to use your fingernails as that will damage both your hair and your scalp.


Don’t Use Heat Products- So I’m going to keep this tip brief since it’s pretty self-explanatory.  If you use heat products regularly, try and cut your usage down as much as possible.  Some easy ways to do this include: wearing your natural hair, letting your hair air dry instead of blow drying it, looking up heat free hairstyles, and if you aren’t shampooing every day- straighten/curl your hair one day, and just touch it up after that.  Also, always use a heat protectant.

Leave Your Hair Down as Much as Possible- This is another good tip for hair growth.  It may be easy to just throw your hair up in a messy bun (which I often do), but try to keep it down as much as possible- this will let your hair breath a little bit, and will prevent breakage and knots that hairbands often cause.

Get Enough Sleep I know, this is another hard one- but getting enough sleep really is so important.  I’m sure you have heard the saying sleep is the best medicine, and honestly- it is… in pretty-much all situations.  When you are sleeping, that is your body’s time to rejuvenate itself, and recover from whatever stress you put it through the day before-  and that is also when most hair growth occurs.

So that’s it you guys!  I know that was a lot of information- and honestly, I can think of a few more tips even now (like not bleaching your hair), but I feel like I rambled on enough… Also, remember that these tips are just a guideline.  I have broken every one of these rules multiple times, so don’t stress too much about following them all.  Just start with whatever is easiest for you, and go from there!


Until next time!


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