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So before I started this post I wanted to say Happy 2017- congrats on making it through another year!  Also, thank you all for not unsubscribing from me!  I honestly can’t believe how long it has been since I last uploaded a post.  As most of you know- last semester was my first time living on campus instead of going to community college, and that definitely took away a lot of my time.

However, I know you guys aren’t here to listen to excuses about “why” I haven’t posted in so long.  And while I do want to post a lot in 2017, I have a huge course load this semester, so I can’t promise to anything consistent.  However, something I will promise to is that my posts will be a lot more frequent than last year.  At least lets hope they will be. 😉

So now that all of that is out of the way, lets get into this post…

Admittedly,  I have purchased quite a few chunky sweaters this year, and let me tell you- I am living for them.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized comfort has become more and more important to me- so throwing on a loose, soft sweater in the morning feels like heaven (extra points if it just came out of the dryer).  But other than comfort levels- I also love the cozy, relaxed aesthetic sweaters give off.

However, I do recommend that you go for a higher quality sweater even if it does cost a little extra.  I personally found that when I have purchased clothing for dirt cheap in the past- the quality was often lacking, and I ended up regretting my purchase immediately.  Because of this, I would suggest buying sweaters that fall between the thirty to forty-five or fifty range; and look for sales, coupons, and dig through clearance racks to bring down the price.


Choker Sweater- Ooh la Loft 

Hooded Sweater- Ooh la Loft

lace up back- Francesca’s  

Basic Black Sweater- Francesca’s 


As you can see, although all of these sweaters are pretty loose fitting, they do give off really different vibes so it doesn’t seem like you are constantly repeating outfits, yet you still have the luxury of always being comfortable.  Also, I know I have talked badly about online shopping before, but I feel like it is definitely growing on me (considering half of these were online purchases)…

Personally, I think the biggest problem with online shopping is not knowing exactly what you are going to get.  However, if you look up reviews, and steer clear of “too good to be true” deals, you should be golden.  Because as much as you think you’ve hit the jackpot with that four dollar dress- I can guarantee you will regret it afterwards.  Trust me- I’ve been there several times, and it never works out the way you want it to.

As for how I styled these sweaters, I paired all of them with basic skinny jeans and just switched up the accessories.  I did this because skinny jeans are an item most people own- and I wanted to create a more casual, daytime look with these outfits.

However, you can one hundred percent switch out the jeans for leggings,  or even dress up these outfit with a short skirt, high socks, and booties. You could also throw a sweater over a casual dress and layer a jacket and accessories on top of that.  Getting creative with it is key.

And be sure to let me know in the comments:

Do you guys like the loose sweater trend?

What is your favorite winter clothing item?


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I love wearing cozy sweaters in the winter.


They honestly are the best!


I love the lace up sweater! Also the whole outfit with the black sweater looks great! I love your style!


Aww, thank you so much Brit- you are so sweet!


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