How to Style: Parents’ Clothing Items

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How are you all doing?  Can you believe it is already April?  It really freaks me out how fast time flies (and yes, I am aware I say that in every post)… So if there is anything that I have realized as I have gotten older, it is that I loveee to spend money, and oftentimes buy expensive items without thinking twice about whether I really need them.

So for today’s post, instead of going out and buying new items, I raided my parents’ closets, and found clothing items I could style in a more modern and trendy way.  What’s great about fashion is that it cycles throughout time- so what was “in” at one point will be popular again in the future.  However,  I did want to mention that the point of this post is to style pieces that you normally wouldn’t wear- not necessarily to style pieces that are super vintage looking.  So with that said- not all of these items are necessarily “old,” some are just typically menswear.  And with that, lets get right into it.

Over-sized Jersey

So if you guys have been following fashion trends for the past year or so, you would know that menswear, as well as sportswear have been gaining a lot of popularity.  Personally, I know that I have been seeing a lot of varsity jackets, baseball tees, over-sized sweatshirts, etc. all over high fashion clothing stores and magazines, and I really love it.  However, if you were to go out and buy these items at full retail price- you would be looking at spending a ton of money.  So when I found this jersey in my dad’s closet, you can bet I was pretty excited.  Since I’m pretty short, this jersey was long enough to serve as a tee shirt dress (as long as I wear shorts underneath)- and I ended up pairing it with beat up combat boots and a simple necklace.

Color-Blocked Cardigan

So for this next outfit, I decided to style a color-blocked cardigan I found in my mom’s closet.  I was really drawn to this cardigan because of the bright colors and 70’s vibe.  To make it a bit more modern, I wore this with a strappy yellow crop top from Zaful, and high-waisted leggings.  I also wore wedge sandals with this outfit, but you could definitely pair this with boots or  even converse if you wanted.     

Vintage Sweater

So this next outfit is one that always makes my mom laugh.  A while ago I really needed a sweater, so I went into my mom’s room to try and find something to wear and came out with this.  After I borrowed it once, I started wearing it all of the time because I thought it was really cute and comfortable.  Now, whenever I wear it out, people always compliment me on it- and I was even told it looked like something from Vogue.  I told my mom this, and she just busted out laughing, because she was so confused as to why an old sweater was so popular…  As for how I styled this, I wore it with floral boyfriend jeans from  Primark, as well as  a flower choker and a chunky bracelet both from Francesca’s.



Men’s Button-Up 

For this last outfit, I decided to go with a short sleeved button up my dad had lying around the house, but never actually wears.  The funny part about this outfit is that this button up is actually pretty ugly; however I feel like tacky button ups are kind-of in right now.  I don’t know what it is, but there is something appealing about them if they are styled right.

The way I ended up styling this button up was with a grey bodysuit from Francesca’s, a statement necklace also from Francesca’s, and high-waisted jeans from Hollister.  You guys, if you are ever looking for a good pair of jeans- I highly recommend shopping at Hollister.  I never used to shop there, but they have become super trendy and bohemian over the past couple of years, and their jeans fit really well.  I used to only purchase my jeans at Delia*s; however, after they shut down, I had to find somewhere else to buy my jeans; and Hollister has the best selection/quality I have found so far.


And that’s it for the outfits you guys! I hope you enjoyed seeing me style my parent’s clothing.  In the future, I definitely want to incorporate some more budget friendly ideas, because I know that not everyone has money to go out and buy new clothing items.  Maybe one of of my next posts will be about thrift shopping, and  transforming the items that I purchase.  Let me know in the comments if that is something you want to see.


Until next time!

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Do you ever borrow your parent(s)’s/siblings clothes?

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the first picture with the cadets thing and the color block sweater your face is literally exactly the same im pretty sure its photoshop. Also why do you always hold your hair


Hey Julie. Lol, that’s so funny, but no- it’s not Photoshop; and I don’t know why I always hold my hair-sorry if it bothers you. 🙂


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