How to Style: Off the Shoulder Tops

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How is everyone’s summer going?  I’ve gotta say, it feels great to be home for a few months.   Last semester was definitely really stressful for me, so being able to sleep in and spend time with friends and family has been a huge game changer.  After running on empty for months on end during school, I am finally starting to feel more like myself which is awesome.  And with my new burst of energy, that also means I have more time on my hands, which translates into more blog posts.

Recently, I have been really into off the shoulder tops (whats new?) and since cold-shoulder looks are really trendy this summer, I wanted to share three of my favorite off the shoulder shirts I have purchased recently, and go over how I styled them.  And like always, the way I choose to style these pieces is only one way to pair them, so if you want to style them differently, totally go for it!  Rock whatever style you want to!  My posts are only meant to give you inspiration, so if you have other ways of styling off the shoulder tops- definitely let me know in the comments!

White Crocheted Top

The first top I am showing you is from Francesca’s, and I decided to pair it with some floral jeans I got from New Look when I went to Scotland, a pink tie choker from Francesca’s, and ungodly high wedges from Charolette Russe I purchased a few years ago.  Also, just in case you guys are wondering, as for bras, I know that strapless bras can be a huge pain, so I suggest wearing a lace bralette with these shirts, as you can purchase them with extra padding and support, and they add a bit of femininity to an outfit.  However, if bralettes aren’t your thing, you can try and use a stick on bra, or even go braless if you have a small enough chest.


Black and Pink Floral Crop Top

This next outfit is actually one of my favorites because it combines two clothing items I love-  off the shoulder tops, and maxi skirts.  I know I always  talk about this, but long skirts and dresses will forever have my heart- mainly because they are just so comfortable!  I got this maxi skirt from Francesca’s about a year (or two?) ago, and I think it is so gorgeous.  The sheer overlay is absolutely perfect for summer, and I feel like the detailing on the bottom just ties into the shirt even more.  As for the top, I recently got it from Pacsun, and I was immediately drawn to it.  Besides the fact that it is off the shoulder, I’ve noticed I tend to gravitate towards floral prints with black backgrounds a lot- I really couldn’t tell you why.  Maybe it’s the contrast between a dark background and a light pattern?  Anywaaayss, this shirt is also amazing because it has little hidden armholes which make it stay off the shoulder, so you don’t have to worry about the sleeves creeping up as you go about your day.  I tied the rest of the outfit together with a necklace I purchased a few years ago at a craft fair, and grey wedges from Francesca’s.


Baby Blue Belle Sleeved Top

For this last outfit, I decided to go for a more bohemian look with a belle sleeved top and knee high gladiators.  The top I am wearing is from OohLaLuxe and oh my goodness, guys- I’m obsessed.  I have purchased a few items from this company in the past, and have always been extremely happy with their quality, so after eyeing this shirt up for a while, I finally caved and bought it, and I have absolutely no regrets.  I’m not sure whether you can tell from this picture, but the sleeves on this top are a bit more sheer while the body is made out of a stretchy, thicker material.  To keep the outfit more casual, I paired it with white high-waisted shorts from Francesca’s, and the shoes I believe are from Target, but I’m not entirely sure to be honest.  Again, I’m also not sure whether you can see this either, but the jewelry I am wearing is from Francesca’s as well (most of my jewelry comes from there 😉 ).


And that’s it guys!  I would love to hear which shirt is your favorite in the comments below, and let me know your opinions on off the shoulder tops- you guys already know how I feel about them! 😉


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Do you have any off the shoulder tops? Where did you get them?

What is your favorite trend for this summer?





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Loved the post, so glad your back… enjoy your summer.


Thanks so much! Definitely going to try and post more often! <3<3<3


I really love the first top, especially with those floral jeans! I would love to get a pair of jeans like those. I also just recently found an off the shoulder top at Charlotte Russe. I really love this new trending style!


Yes! I love those jeans too! If you live in the states you might not be able to find them because I believe New Look is only a UK store; but I think Forever 21 or Pacsun might have them, or you could just look up floral jeans on Google and see what comes up! I haven’t shopped at Charolette Russe in forever, but my sister just got a really cute shirt there, so I might have to check them out! 🙂


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