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Hey Guys!

How have you been?  If I’m being honest I’ve been blowing through a lot of money these past couple of months, and can’t seem to gain control over my spending.  As fun as it is to be on summer break; for me, I tend to overspend this time of year.  Between going out with friends, buying gifts (sometimes for myself.. I have a summer birthday 😉 ), buying food/going out to eat, giving into cute clothes/employee discounts at work, or late night online shopping- my bank account is dwindling at a startling rate, and my urge to shop is still raging on.

Because of that, I decided to make today’s post a wishlist, because as strange as it may seem- creating a post about everything I have been eyeing up (in a way) makes me feel like I actually own those clothing items.  I know I’m weird.  We have already established that…

Anyways, when I started creating this post,  I realized that most of the items  I want have some type of floral print on them with the exception of one or two items.  Once  I realized that, I decided it was a sign and just rolled with it.  So if you are someone who doesn’t like floral print- I am really sorry, but you might want to bow out of this one…

To me, floral print has always been a go to as it can be worn all year long and never really goes out of style.   That’s not to say that the type of garment won’t go out of style, but the print itself is definitely a classic.  Also, there are so many ways to style it.

Recently I have been really into the hard and soft look (post coming soon) so I feel like wearing floral print with a faux leather jacket, ripped jeans, or a distressed denim jacket would give off a really cool vibe.

Or you could go with a more casual vibe, and pair one of the two piece sets with high waisted jean shorts and converse, gladiators, or flip flops.  (In the winter you could pair them with high waisted jeans and heeled booties.)

And of course you could just keep it really feminine and flirty and pair these outfits with layered  delicate necklaces, heels/wedges, and dewy makeup.


Neko Top/ Neko Skirt


Chela Mesh Bodysuit


Dani Maxi


 2 Piece Set Floral Top and Shorts


Honey Punch Denim Jacket

Honey Punch Denim Jacket


Anika Floral Maxi Romper


Havana Dress


Floral Embroidered Ankle Jeans


White Crossed Back Floral Romper


And that’s it for this post!  If you want to purchase/check out any of these items, they are all linked in the title of the piece (hopefully that makes sense).  Also, let me know if you like this style of post.  I am almost always restraining myself from buying things, so if you want more wishlists (maybe a jewelry one?) definitely let me know!


Until next time!


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Which item is your favorite?

Are you a fan of floral print?





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